Vela Override key

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Vela Override Key

In order for you to purchase a Vela override key for your Vela safe with an electronic code lock, you need to submit information as below.

New safes

New safes are normally come with 2 Radial override keys to enable you to open your safe door, in the case of loss of its user code. In addition, your Vela safe also comes with a pre set master code and pre set user code. Quite obviously, you must change the user code after opening your new safe.
Although, we do advise changing its master code, you may not wish to change it! But it states the master code on your user instructions, so keep them in a secure, safe space, and NOT  IN  THE SAFE!

Obtaining a duplicate override key

Your Vela safe has a unique serial number, and, you will find a 3 digit key number stamped by the key hole. Unless we have both numbers, we cannot order a replacement Vela Override key. It’s all part of how we operate, to protect you!!

You can tell us on the order form.

The price stated includes postage to a UK mainland address.

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