Security Cabinets
We at Withinthebox offer a comprehensive collection of Security cabinets  covering Burtonsafes, Chubbsafes, Dudley Safes & De Raat safes to cover mixed areas of storage, including Medical cabinets for the Chemist or School or Education facility that has a need to store student prescription drugs for example.
In reality, ANY safe can be deemed a Security Cabinet, however, we, as a rule of thumb tend to put a security cabinet into the lower cash rating thresholds. All, are built very similar to a cash safe and can include base or wall fixings for your particular security need. Most shown here, are not geared for fire protection. If this is the preferred drection of your enquiry, then, you need to view fire safes from our ever growing product compendium.
Generally, the majority of Schools use Security Cabinets for Exam papers or pupil belongings, such as phones, or confiscated weapons Wheras a Retailer would use for storage Phones & associated phone cards, Cigarette storage, Ink cart storage, Spirits and so on. An office environment would use these for documents of value or for higher value stationery items. The choice is yours, but if you need good advice, then call us to discuss your specific needs.
All Security cabinets shown in this section as delivered FREE of charge to a UK mainland address and the larger heavier versions, which for Health & Safety and in many cases exceeding 100kg, include delivery & site position. Should your cabinet require professional base fixing, this may be added at the point of sale. 
If we state delivery, install and base fixing included, this can be changed to kerbside courior delivery. We will then reduce the price quoted to ensure best value where we can.