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Checkmate Devices

Checkmate are a brilliant manufacturer of a large range of vehicle safes that were born out of the need for use in vehicles for transporting cash and goods from point A to point B.

Businesses who use these safes are Taxi firms, Dairy cash collections, Tool suppliers, Sports arenas and many others, where there is a need to protect monies deposited from theft.

Your choice of safe can be locked onto a retaining plate that has been fitted to your vehicle, with the option of giving the driver a key, or asking him/her to have a key to unlock the safe from its retaining plate and not a key for entry to the safe.
The safe is then taken back to base to be opened by others.

Checkmate products

The choice covers the Plain lid, with one or two locks, Roll top versions, up to and including the popular industrial roll top.

Quality and Value

The quality of Checkmate Devices is 2nd to none, made in the UK and furnished with high quality locks that are registered only to Checkmate. What this means for the customer is that the key cannot be copied at any key supplier, other than Checkmate.

You can find all their safes located under the heading: Vehicle safes.