Fire Ranger FS1512/13 shelf

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Note: If ordering shelves only. You must add the  relevant postage delivery charge

SKU: Don't forget to add postage, if ordering shelves after your safe is delivered.


FS1512/FS1513 Shelf

Note: Free delivery if ordered with your Fire Ranger safe. Otherwise chargeable delivery. See below.

If you require further shelves with your purchase of the F1512 or FS1513 fire safe, you can add as many as you need to your order of the FS1512K, FS1512E or FS1512F and FS1513K. FS1513E and FS1513F.

The price is per additional FS1512 or FS1513 shelf and you can just amend the quantity required once you have added it to your basket.

Note: Internal dimensions of the FS1512/1513 are:- W815 x D410mm. The shelf dimensions are a little less. 

Additional shelves (after safe delivery)

If you need to order extra shelves for your existing Fire Ranger FS1512 or FS1513, after your safe’s delivery, you need to add postage. (See popular links below).
5+ shelves are a different postage cost, so, we ask you to call us on 0113 2824577 or 07780 158111. Prior to ordering.
We may need to create a special add on link for their delivery.

Let us know how shelves you need, and, together with your postcode, we will confirm delivery costs.

This is the link to add postage for one shelf.

This is the link to add postage for 2-4 shelves.



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