Battery Storage

Yes: We sell lithium-ion Battery Storage fire safes.

If you, like many businesses today, sell re-chargeable batteries, in particular Lithium-ion batteries, what do you do for charging, and where do you store them?

If you are a tool supplier: E.G. B&Q, Screwfix, Sainsburys or one of the other Major Sheds, Garden Centres, General tool shop, Bike & Scooter sales & hire, Battery Manufacturer, University, College or Education centre where you have a large need for the charge & storage of Batteries, then you need to seriously consider a Battery Storage safe

1: It can save your business from the effects of a fire, should your batteries overheat during charging.

2: It can stop pollution. We have all seen what happens to an electric car or van whilst on fire.

3: It can also save lives!

Coming soon (Early 2023) The Phoenix Safe Battery Commander BS1930 Series fire safe offers safety storage and a battery charging solution for large volume Lithium-ion batteries.

Orders now are in the region of an 8-week delivery status.

With the uptake of battery power tools, e-scooters, e-bikes, cars, phones and a myriad of battery related products, now is the time to consider battery storage of your lithium-ion batteries.

Fire Risk

Lithium-ion batteries present many risks including thermal runaway caused by a rise in temperature, shock, or faulty manufacture. This can result in the battery igniting and causing a fire that can be extremely difficult to extinguish.

Battery Commander

The Phoenix Safe Battery Commander has been designed for the protection of life, and buildings from the devastating effects of lithium battery fires.
There is a choice of 3 available sizes and a choice of opening/locking devices.

Lock options

You can choose from a high security key lock, advanced electronic lock or easy to use touchscreen keypad with fingerprint scanner. The scanner is capable of storing 128 fingerprints!