Fire Safes for the Home, Office, Schools or Commerce
If you are looking for a Fire Safe to protect personal items, small values of cash, photos and so on from the effects of fire, you have chosen wisely. We at www.safewithinthebox show a large choice of small, medium or large sized safes and security cabinets from the very best safe manufacturers known to the UK Insurance or Broker market,
We promote safes to protect paper records, or, if a dual fire safe, to protect paper and digital media, such as DVD, CD or Memory sticks. The brands available include, Chubbsafes, Phoenix Safes, Burtonsafes, De Raat safes and others which are known to the UK Insurance Industry.
As a rule of thumb a Fire safe will have more emphasis on fire protection, as opposed to Security protection, therefore, you will find that the Insurance Approval states a lower cash rating. Remember this: if you are to add valuables of a high value. Any safe with a cash rating, as a norm will be up to 10 times the cash strength rate to give you valuables storage. eg £2000 cash rating = £20,000 of Jewellery/valuables. Size of safe, is not a guaranee of strength!!
Our advise is to seek a reputable Jeweller and get an up to date appraisal on your Jewellery, BEFORE you buy a safe! This, ideally should be done roughly every 3 years to keep up to date with inflation. Jewellery or Coins can increase value by an average of 15% per year so, we advise to add a minimum of 25% – 40% to your valuations to account for this annual increase. 
All fire safes in this section are delivered FREE to your home or premisis (UK Mainland). Most larger safes over 100kg in weight will be delivered & positioned or if wanting Professional bolt down, this can be added to your basket if available.
If you have any questions in relation to fire safes and or their installation, please give the sales team a call on 0113 2824577