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SafeWithintheBox have many years experience to call on.

We sell brand new LockersKey cabinetsGun cabinetsCommercial Safes & Cabinetssafes  for the home & office safes, online and with guaranteed unbeatable prices from popular brands such as ChubbsafesDudley SafesPhoenix Safes,   Checkmate and DeRaat safes, you can be guaranteed the lowest possible prices.


If we don’t, then tell us! In addition, we can be approached to discuss fully reconditioned, 2nd hand safes of every security rating.


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    Home Safes, Commercial Safes, Fire Safes, Security Safes, Office Safes, Lockers, Key Safes, Underfloor Safes… You think of it, we probably show it!

    We promote products from the below listed suppliers, all to include a FREE Delivery to your door, FREE delivery and site placement or FREE delivery placement and base fix to a suitable ground floor location.

    We are not just an on-line business!

    In fact, unlike some of our UK competitors, our other services include

    • Nationwide Safe Smithy work. E.G. Safes opening, Service, Repairs. Duplicate keys
    • Nationwide Safes Removal, Safes Disposal, Safes Relocation
    • Safes Identification for Insurance.

    With today’s throw-away attitude, we would rather see your existing safe, should it meet with Insurance acceptance, be repaired to give it many more years of life.
    By word of note: Service your safe every few years to extend its life. It’s cheaper than repairing!

    www.safewithinthebox.co.uk is owned by Within the box Ltd. This site was borne from the closure of Withy Grove Safes, who were a long-established business in Leeds (1906-2019) Its history and knowledge attained over the years stay with us so you can be assured for the next generation.
    We uphold the grassroots in a continuance of the Safe & Security Business.

    Office Safes, Retail Safes, Home Safes, Commercial Safes, Staff Lockers

    The web site www.safeswithinthebox.co.uk houses a multitude of branded products, which, by their very nature are designed to protect items held within the box. For your benefit, and whatever you seek to protect, the information shown on every product has been taken from manufacturers brochures, relevant at the time of advertising. Any prices shown, are deemed to be competitive in nature, meaning you don’t have to search every site to get a better price.

    Customer service, attention to detail and strong knowledge are at the heart of our business. It’s not all about price!

    We actually care about you, how we interact when you have a problem, how quickly we can solve that problem and complete the task in a highly professional manner to ensure that our business remains high on your list for future  purchases. Price has to be fair, but, wouldn’t you rather deal with a business that has empathy, integrity and high standards?

    We do intimate highly competitive prices and will price match or better where we can. SEEN IT CHEAPER THEN TELL US! 

    Any information you provide will never be divulged nor sold. We also have very strong security embedded to prevent cyber-attack and only store details in-house on our account computer for use of business to buyer only. All Credit card transactions are via Stripe. They, like us, protect your information. This site does not store credit card information, nor do our transaction hosts release cardholder data to us. In addition, we accept payments by bank transfer/Faster payments, Revolut to 07880 158111 and personal or business Cheques.

    Insurance Approved Safes

    FREE DELIVERY AND LOW PRICES on everything mean you do not have to compromise on quality or security! With our knowledge and superior services, you have chosen wisely.

    Old safe(s) for Disposal, Safe Relocation, or Safe Repair?

    Many businesses and households do indeed have and still use their old safe, thinking it will still be viable today. Sadly, and we hate to say, your Insurer will eventually tell you to replace it with a more modern up to date safe. 

    Key Cabinets & Key Safes

    Things to look out for:

    1: Does my safe have a brass handle or brass name plate, chromed handle and name badge?

    If the answer is YES, and its name plate is screwed to the door, now is the time to upgrade to new. Why? Your safe will probably be made with a mild steel body and door, and at the time of build, tools of the day may not have gained access to the opportunist. Your safe is no match for modern tools.

    2: Does your safe state ‘Fire Proof’ on its door?

    If so, the safe sadly IS NOT fire proof. Tap the top of the safe, it should sound hollow. Then tap down one side of the safe until the tapping sound changes tone. This will be the level of the original fire barrier material and being a mix of Sawdust and Gypsum, and by the years of opening and closing of the door, the content material has indeed settled. Thus giving no fire protection whatsoever.

    3: A safe, described as above was more than likely manufactured before 1950. and in the majority, most of these old brands no longer exist: plus, the safe will not have a bolting down hole and therefore can be moved more easily. In addition, parts are not readily available should it need repairing. This is where, if you wish to keep using the safe for non valuable items, we offer service and repairs, key copy, relocation, disposal and of course, valuable Insurance Advice!! Almost all of this type of safe have very low to zero Insurance rating, and therefore. Not viable today!

    We like to think that your old safe, perhaps a nice piece of Victorian history: can be re-purposed as a Coffee table, Wine cooler or just a nice piece of art in the corner, and should your old safe need a service, repair, relocation, spare key or disposal, we do have National coverage using a trusted Safe Engineer or relocation/removal network to solve your needs in the quickest possible time at highly competitive pricing. Call us on 0113 2824577 

    We're an Approved Business We’ve been approved by approvedbusiness.co.uk

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