Euro Grade 3 Safes

Euro grade 3 – £35,000 Insurance Approved

All Security Safes within this section are much stronger than a Euro Grade 2 safe. The Euro grade 3 tested & approved safes are given an overnight cash rating of £35,000 or valuables content of up to £350,000.

Brands available on this web site:

Chubbsafes, De Raat Safes, Dudley Safes, KeySecure Safes and Phoenix Safes.

What you don’t see

The body and doors of the safe are made less impervious to attack and the internal security offers greater resistance. Most Euro grade 3 safes are supplied with dual locking facility, normally a twin key lock or key and electronic option.

Euro Grade 3 – locking options

You can, at this stage change one or both locks to:- Key and mechanical combination locks, key and electronic locks, twin electronic locks, Twin mechanical code locking or even add an auditable electronic lock if you have multi users of the safe. For example: Jeweller safe. This is par for the course on this Insurance band, however, there are several safes in this banding with a single locking facility that have met and exceeded the remit for a Euro Grade 3 classification.

If you wish to add a secondary lock, you can add your chosen option at the point of safe purchase.

If the safe you require is for home use, then you should seek the advice of an Insurer or Broker. They may alter the rate of valuables content, subject to criteria of Postcode, Condition of Building, whether you have an Alarm or your personal circumstances. Assuming you have over £175,000, but less than £350,000 of jewellery, then you are ok with a Euro Grade 3 safe, however, if you are closer to the maximum content suggested, it may be wiser to upgrade to a Euro Grade 4 safe.

Eurograde 3 – Locks

We are happy to modify any safe with a choice of locks to suit you or your business, perhaps you have several users of the safe and want to have a lock with an Audit trail, or you may want a Fingerscan lock if you prefer.
If you need advice on any Eurograde 3.


Please call us to discuss in complete confidence. Safes in this category generally include FREE Delivery and site positioning in excess of 100kg and in some cases, professional base fixing.

Please note that a directive of Insurers is that if the safe is below the weight of 1000kg, and located to ground floor, it has to be anchored down.