Euro grade Deposit Safes 

This web site promotes Euro grade deposit safes from all major brands, such as Chubbsafes, Dudley Safes and Phoenix Safes, that have, or, can be made with a deposit feature such as Letter slot, Capsule drop, Rotary deposit or Pull out Drawer.

One of the brands, Dudley Safes, have the option of making any size safe above size 1 into a deposit safe. Size 1 safes offer a capsule drop or Letter slot, whereas, size 2 upwards can be produced to order with further deposit options of Pull out drawer or Roll top.
In addition you can also add into your safe a coffer storage box to hold all deposits or treat it as a separate lockable cabinet, or have your deposit option positioned to the side or even as a through the wall deposit!

Eurograde deposit – uses.

Generally a euro grade deposit safe would be used within a Retail shop, Public house, Retailer or Commercial business, where the requirement is to allow the safe deposit of goods or cash into the body of the safe, without the need to open the safe main door.
This prevents the risk, whereby, staff do not have access to the main contents.

Deposit safe lock options

All of the deposit safes shown here can be supplied with high security key locks or electronic code locks, for example, euro grade 4 safes normally are supplied as standard with twin key or twin electronic locks to the safes main door.

At the point of ordering, as to suit your Business, you may consider changing one or both locks to encompass multi users with or without audit facilities. The example here is:
Should you experience internal theft of stock or monies stored within the safe, an audit lock would tell you who went into the safe and at what time of the day. This assumes that every person who can get into the safe has their own access code.

For smaller businesses, we would recommend that the safe be fitted with a mechanical dial lock to lessen wear and tear on the key lock.

Safes Installation

The price to install, what we call the ‘off the shelf’ euro grade deposit safe, can be added to your basket, with your chosen deposit safe, but, on ALL Dudley Safes products, and because most of the safes exceed 100kg, we include full delivery, install and base fixing, to a suitable ground floor location.
That’s when really great value for money is seen!

If you need advice on buying the right euro grade deposit safe, then we are here to assist and guide you through the many options available. We ask you to call us on 0113 2824577 or 07780 158111.