Key Safes
Safewithinthebox shows a good quality choice of key safes & key cabinets from known manufacturers such as: Phoenix Safes and Burton Safes to store keys & key bunches.
We supply budget to high end, low to high capacity, deposit key safes & cabinets supplied with key fobs and/or key sign in/out facilities. You can choose key locking to user-friendly, higher security electronic lock or mechanical dial lock. Priced keenly so you do not need to look anywhere else!
Most key cabinets & key safes are supplied for self-installation, however, we do offer professional delivery and installation service on a UK Mainland basis on the larger heavier models. The option will be shown when you click to buy on most products. When bolted to a wall they are the ideal defence against burglaries, aimed at preventing, for example, the theft of cars by stopping people stealing keys from homes & offices.
We sell Key safes to house a single key up to a small bunch of keys. Perfect if you have a need for quick access by a professional person such as a doctor, district nurse, relative, and a much better solution than keeping a spare key under the mat, choose from a quality range of mechanical combination security boxes.
Everybody has a use for a key safe: it is a proven solution for kids coming home from school, family coming and going, and access to elderly relative’s homes to ensure they receive the care they need while living independently With the UK population steadily growing, living longer and becoming more active, we’re proud to be able to help you maintain your quality of life, whilst providing peace of mind for you, your children, parents and grandparents alike. The safes are easy to fit, easy to change the combination and perfect for holiday home users. The thing that we love most is being able to provide peace of mind.
Our range of Key safes Leeds offer security and enough strength to deter thieves 
Delivered FREE by Courier to a UK mainland address. If you need to discuss quantity purchase, please call 0113 2824577. You might even get a lower price!