£4000 Insurance Approved
Safes in this section have been assessed & tested, and given an Insurance rating based on the overall construction of the safe, quality of the locking capabilities and how long it takes to break open under certain time critera. It is not about its size! These safes are also ideal for use in Retailer environments where the need to hold change for tills is more prevalent. 
The Insurer has deemed that ANY safe within this area is perfect for holding a MAXIMUM of £4000. If you are to add Jewellery to your safe, this Insurance approved cash rating is then times by 10 making your safe capable of holding £40,000 of Jewellery.
If you are unsure about the value of your Jewellery, we recommend you seek the professional advise of a reputable Jeweller who will appraise & give a truer replacement value. Should you lose or suffer theft, you will have a document stating current replacement values that can aid your Insurance claim. Due to inflation or market conditions, this should be done every three years.
In addition, you must also factor that Jewellery increases its value on average by 15% per year, so you must consider that the Safe you are buying today is adequet for your needs in the future. 
And finally. Safes in this section are capable of base and/or rear fixing. Deter the thief & fasten it down!!
Withinthebox are pleased to include FREE UK Mainland carriage delivery on all £4000 Insurance Approved safes. In some instances where the safe is heavy, or in excess of 100kg in weight, we can deliver & install your safe professionally. This Service if shown can be added to your order