Euro grade 1 Safes

Eurograde 1 –  £10,000 Insurance Approved

This section houses top brand & Insurer approved Euro grade 1, £10,000 cash rated safes. This type of safe offers more protection & more strength than a Euro grade 0 £6000 rated safe. Therefore it takes longer to break into. Size is not important whatsoever and depending on your Insurer or Brokers confirmation, you are able to store up to £100,000 of Jewellery in a Euro Grade 1 safe.

What you cannot see in these safes is the additional security protection added. Such as anti drill platework, deflecting baffles, and re-locking devices. Should your safe suffer serious attack and the re-locker is activated, the only person getting in is the professional safe engineer!!

Euro grade 1 makes and brands

We show Chubbsafes, Phoenix safes, Dudley Safes, De Raat safes and KeySecure Safes in one of the largest choices available. These are the most recognised brands in the UK.

In addition, if the safe you like has the AiS tick, you will not have any Insurer Issues. This means that the safe in question has been approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

The Euro Grade 1 safe is an ideal strength of safe used in all areas of Commerce. Perhaps a Store safe, Office safe, Retailer cash safe or for your home if your personal jewellery is valued in excess of £60,000. Please note that your jewellery kept in a safe is worth professional appraisal every three years. This ensures you are not under protected. Assuming your value is just under Euro Grade 1 status, it’s wiser to upgrade to a Euro grade 2 safe.

Prices on this site are highly competitive with our price promise never to be undersold. If you have seen a safe cheaper, send us the web link. We will ensure that you have best value, best service and best attention.

We can be contacted on 0113 2824577.

All safes in this grade are delivered FREE to a UK mainland address or delivered & positioned to a suitable ground floor location, no stairs.  Some safes include FREE Base fixing, otherwise it is a low cost option to add to your order. If the safe is in excess of 100kg, we have included professional delivery and position and/or base fix for your safety.

We can, if you prefer deliver for self installation on a kerbside, palletised drop. At this point, we will quote a lower price to you.