Underfloor Safes
An underfloor safe is a secure enclosure used when you prefer to hide your valuables. Normally this type of safe is, upon installation, encased in concrete, sometimes re-inforced with steel bars, or solid mesh to make it re-inforced by a builder or capable installer. In addition, a Floorboard safe is classed as an underfloor safe and fitted between joists. 
Most Underfloor safes are fitted with a removable door, or in some cases, a gas strut arm and normally supplied with a key operated lock. In the order process there are options to add a different lock, such as an electronic codelock or a mechanical combination dial lock. 
Brands include Churchill Safes, Burton safes & Phoenix safes, with, or without deposit facilities. A deposit version ideal for use in shops, garages etc where the need to deposit money or items into the safe is the norm, without opening/removing the door. An underfloor deposit safe will be fitted with a capsule deposit feature and supplied with a small amount of capsules to open and accept moneys or small valuable items.
www.safewithinthebox supply underfloor safes from a few pounds with cash ratings from £1000 rated to Eurograde 3, £35,000 rating. We would advise you to seek confirmation from your Insurer or Broker prior to buying as your postcode & security of your property may affect what they will eventually give you.  
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