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De Raat Security Safes

De Raat is a leading European manufacturer of physical security solutions to provide protection for domestic, commercial and industrial end users.

Founded in the 1950’s, De Raat has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of security safes and secure storage. They manufacture and supply ‘off the shelf’ safes and also produce bespoke tailor made solutions to meet the need of the customer.

De Raat Quality

Quality is at the root of all production at De Raat Security Safes, they encompass the many standards that are required at each security level from the lesser cash rated safes right through to the European grade safes needed for Commerce and high end requirements.
These include Euro grade 1, £10,000 approved, followed by Euro Grade 2, £17,500 approved and Euro Grade 3, £35,000 approved.

These are readily available for next day delivery on all of the popular sizes, with the larger models produced to order. Euro Grade 4 and Euro Grade 5 safes are also available.

In addition to Euro grade safes, De Raat Security Safes also produce cash rated safes for smaller businesses and domestic users, which cover a range of £2000 cash rated safes and £4000 cash rated safes, all at very competitive prices!

De Raat

Together, with the large choice of cash deposit safes available in the De Raat range, makes this brand a real winner.

Delivery on most popular stock, is on a next day basis if you want to self install. Fully installed by professionals adds a few days.

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