Deposit safes

We sell deposit safes!

A safe that we call a deposit safe, is a safe that allows its users to deposit money or items into the main body of the safe without the need to open its door!

This site promotes, quite literally, 100’s of safes from a small safe for the younger generation, to Hotel deposit safes, Vehicle deposit safes and Euro Graded safes, ideal for the Commercial and Retail sectors


Many users of deposit safes include Cash in transit users, Taxis, Buses, Garages, Retail vehicle sellers, Jewellers…. In fact any business or school that has a need to deposit items will use one!

Deposit options

We show safes that come with a built in Letter slot deposit, then there are safes to accept a Capsule deposit, including the option to make a safe with a through the wall deposit tube!.  Roll top deposit and finally the Drawer deposit.

Cash ratings

Virtually, in every cash rating there is a deposit safe. We show the strongest safe listed at Euro Grade 5, that’s a whopping £100,000 cash rating.


Most safes are available with Key lock or Electronic lock, however, on the Euro graded deposit safes you can, in fact, have your safe supplied with a Mechanical dial lock, or even an auditable electronic lock too!

Rest assured, whatever your deposit need is, we have the safe for you and your business!!