Under Counter Safes
A counter safe, is quite simply a safe or security enclosure designed to store cash in the form of notes. This type of product is generally fastened next to or beneath the shop till, whereby the till operator can deposit notes of higher value, for collection periodically.
On this site are offered severeral types of Counter safe, from the traditional mechanical unit. This is normally where the user inputs a note, then pulls down a handle. This type of safe has a removable cash box accessed by key. Alternate counter safes have deposit slots or letter slots capable of inputting larger volumes of high value notes. Being of a larger construction, each safe is designed to be stronger & less impervious to attack. We suggest that if you want a more secure enclosure with deposit facilities then view our deposit safe sections covering Low risk deposit safes or Euro Grade deposit safes.
Counter safes are offered in a choice of Key locking or Electronic code operation and delivery is included to a UK Mainland address for self installation.