Vehicle Safe

Vehicle Deposit Safes
This section covers Vehicle safes with a deposit feature such as Letter slot, V trap, Coin chute or Roll top deposit.
Users of this type of safe are Taxi Drives, Bus drivers and business where the driver of the vehicle is a Cash collector. They also make a perfect under counter note collector for the wholesalers.
A Vehicle Cash deposit safe is supplied with a fixing plate which is bolt fixed to the vehicle to which the safe either self locks, or is locked to it by a sepatate key. The driver in many cases is not allowed to access the contents of the safe, he/she will be allowed to release the safe from its fixing plate to enable delivery of the unit to a depot or main office. This can then be opened by their respective accounts or persons involved in cash/goods retreival.
All Vehicle safes are delivered UK Mainland by Courior FREE of Charge to a UK Mainland address

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