Fire Ranger FS1512/13 Post 2/4 shelves

£24.00 Price Inc VAT £28.80


Postage for 2-4 shelves for FS1512/FS1513

The price listed here is for postage for of 2-4 shelves for the FS1512/FS1513 to one postal address, UK Mainland.

Additional shelves

If you require more than 2 extra shelves for your FS1512K, FS1512E or FS1512F and FS1513K. FS1513E and FS1513F this is the multiple delivery price, based on their weight. However, if needing more than 4 shelves, please contact us on 0113 2824577 in the 1st instance. We don’t think this price will alter, but, we’d rather be 100% correct.

This price is for the delivery of 2-4 shelves only, and, used as an after safe delivery option when ordering shelves .





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