Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet
A fire resisting filing cabinet is designed to protect documents from the effects of a fire. These are not a security cabinet and do not have any cash rating, however, each cabinet has its own specific fire resistant properties and is tested independently to give a specific certification, based on the time taken for fire ingress over a specific time period. show an excellent selection of 1, 2, 3 & 4 drawer filing cabinets, including fire resistant lateral filing units to suit the way you wish to store your important files and documents. We show cabinets in a choice of key lock or modern battery operated electronic code locks. Brands shown are Chubbsafes, Phoenix Safes, Burton Safes and De-Raat Safes.
From time to time, we also supply & deliver pre-owned 2nd hand fire resistant filing cabinets and welcome your telephone or e-mail enquiry
Dependant on stock availability from your order, we aim to delivery or deliver and install your fire resistant filing cabinet or lateral fire resistant cabinet within a few days. Delivery is FREE to any UK Mainland address, deemed easy access, no stairs