Euro grade 0 Safes

Stand alone Euro Grade 0 safes in most brands including:- Chubbsafes, Dudley Safes. Phoenix Safes, Securikey safes

£6000 Insurance Approved

A £6000 cash rated safe is classed as a Euro grade 0 safe & is suitable to store valuables up to £60,000. Strength of product gets better in this range, including, what you don’t see within the door itself. For example, the lock may have a re-locking device attached, and should the safe lock be attacked, can release a sprung bolt or tensioned steel cable with hidden bolt to fire and ‘re-lock’ the safe.

In addition, this type of safe generally has a cavity filled body which could be filled with a fire retardant material, or even a concrete infill.

Furthermore, some brands, eg: Dudley safes, also, during construction, weld angled steel plate into areas deemed as drill attack points. This make the safe harder to drill open. The safe handles are also designed to break, if pulled with excessive force too!
You will also find that safes in the Euro Grade 0 category have additional bolt work around the door. This stops the door falling off if its external hinges are cut off. This is why you pay more for a Euro graded safe, its not just a steel box, its a small fortress!

Eurograde 0 – bolting down

Your Euro Grade 0 safe will generally have a single base fix hole, or a twin base fix position. It you want rear fixing as well, this, on certain brands can be done during the manufacture procedure.

Under strict guidance rules of manufacture, the safe has be able to withstand attack to a severe level. Locks are treated in the same way in such that they are harder to break whether secured by key or electronic means. We aim, on this website to show all known major brands such as Burton safes, Chubbsafes, Dudley safes and Phoenix safes.


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