Delivery/Install/Base fix

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Install and base fix

Base fixing of your safe is an insurance requisite if the safe weighs less than 1000kg.

This is the price to professionally deliver, install and base fix, to a suitable ground floor location, no stairs: ANY Chubbsafes safe that is a non Euro Grade, up to and including Euro Grade 5.
It is advised that prior to arrival by our professional team, the delivery path is cleared of any obstruction
to enable the crew to carefully move the safe to its eventual destination. Please let us know if there are any single steps and doors on the route.

If an upper floor or basement delivery is needed via passenger lift, please confirm the rating of said lift on your order form.

This price applies to all Chubbsafes safes up to and including Euro Grade 5:
Chubbsafes Senator Grade 1,Chubbsafes Duoguard Grade 1, Chubbsafes Duoguard Grade 2
Chubbsafes Proguard Grade 3, Chubbsafes Custodian Grade 4, Chubbsafes Custodian Grade 5

Lowest price

We aim to ensure and offer the lowest possible price for a full Chubbsafes, safe installation.
This price includes the delivery and full installation of your chosen Chubbsafes safe up to and including Grade 5, then anchoring the safe to a ground floor location.
In addition, all spent packaging materials, tools etc will be removed off site on completion.

If you are unsure of how to do the job yourselves, its worth adding the Install and base fix option.

Upper floor installations

In addition, should your new Chubbsafes safe to be installed to an upper or basement floor, via stairs, we are happy to raise a quote for any additional costs involved in this work.

Our expert installers may, in the first instance require images and dimensions of your stairwells, including headroom. It may require an onsite survey, depending on the product and its weight.
We ask you to contact us on 0113 2824577 to discuss this BEFORE, you place an order!

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