Vertical Fire File FS2272K

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External (HxWxD) mm: 764mm x 570 mm x 700mm
Internal (HxWxD) mm: 265mm x 385mm x 505mm
External (HxWxD) inches: 30.1′ x 22.4′ x 27.6′
Internal (HxWxD) inches: 10.4′ x 15.2′ x 19.9′


World Class Vertical FS2272K


The Phoenixsafe World Class Vertical Fire File offers protection for both documents and data. It is produced with lighter insulation materials to enable upper floor installations without the need for supporting.

Fire Protection:
This is a 2 hour fire filing cabinet for paper records. In addition, the Phoenixsafe World Class Vertical FS2272K
 comes with the MTC-DIP120-60DM fire test standard and gives 60 minutes fire protection for Digital Media, USBs, Memory sticks and hard drives.
Furthermore, you can increase its protection to two hours
for Computer tapes and Digital media if the FSDP108 Data box is used.

Water Resistance:
It has water resistant seals prevent water damage to the contents if subjected to sprinkler systems or fire hoses.

This Phoenixsafe World Class Vertical FS2272K comes with a secure key lock with 2 coded keys. In the event of key loss, you can order replacement keys from us.

Designed to accept Foolscap, A4 & A5 files on its width adjustable rails, and, in addition, compression plates create more usable space.
Volume stated on the specification is per drawer.

Drop tested:
During testing, a Phoenixsafe World Class Vertical FS2272K was drop tested from a height 9.1 metres to emulate floors giving way in a major fire. This cabinet evidently remained intact and continued to protect files. 

Finished in a high quality, white scratch resistant paint the World Class Vertical FS2272K should look good in any office or home environment.

In conclusion, we include UK Mainland National delivery & site placement on this World Class Vertical FS2272K to a ground or upper floor location via goods or passenger lift capable of taking its weight.
However, we will sell cheaper to include a pallet kerbside delivery if self installing. Please contact us on 0113 2824577 if this is your preferred option.

If the FS2272K states on back order, for this reason this is an alternative solution. Click here

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