HS0672 Install stairs

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Add professional base fixing if required


HS0672 Deliver/position via stairs

Your new Phoenix Safe Venus HS0672 safe can be professionally delivered and positioned to an upper floor via stairs
Because these safes are quite heavy, and for safety’s sake, we would use a team of professional installers to either manually or use a mechanically operated machine to take the HS0672 up or down a stairwell.

At the point of ordering, it’s worth giving us a call to discuss the complexity of your particular stairs. E.G. strait run, strait with landing and/or turns, stairs construction and/or coverings and edge trims, age of building, access for vehicle etc etc. If its an awkward job: E.G stairs with wedges on a turn then we may seek pictorial information before confirmation that it can be done.  

Other wise, it’s a simple add to your basket.

Base fixing

Base fixing of your Venus HS0672 can now be added to your safe and deliver/position , if required. (Click link)


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