Palm KS0212EC

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External (Diameter x Depth) mm: 90mm x 43mm

External (Diameter x Depth) inches: 3.55′ x 1.7′



The Palm KS0212EC is a high quality, smart key safe, that uses ‘mobile remote app control’. This makes it perfect for House Rentals, Airbnb, Parcel deliveries, Offices, Schools and much more!


This Phoenix Safe KS0212EC is a modern key safe perfectly suited for internal or external use to give control over door keys, padlock keys or car keys etc. It  can by synced to your phone via Bluetooth technology, no wi-fi needed!

Produced from a strong and durable Zinc alloy and able to operate in temperatures of -45 degrees C to 60 degrees C.

The KS0212EC uses a Class C lock with acrylic touch pad including Bluetooth, 100 set Pin code capacity and mobile app control. Its low power consumption allows for a long battery life.
Its rapid unlock of 2 seconds, make this ideal for ideal for Airbnb, Social care and homes. It comes with a stainless steel security cable to secure  around a fixed object.
There is an Emergency, Type C, USB power port at the bottom to allow changes of batteries

App control:
This KS0212EC can be programmed with a one time code that can remain valid for 5 minutes or for up to 6 hours. In addition, you can create, remotely a periodic code that can be used multiple times during a programmed time window.

It is compatible for both IOS and Android devices.

Water resistance:
This comes with a highly rated IP66 water resistance rating to provide airtight protection against the weather and multi directional high pressure water jets! 

Bulk discount:
If you have a need for buying in quantity, (5+, 10+ etc) we would love to hear from you to discuss. We can offer much better prices on this KS0212EC on a single drop basis.

Lifetime warranty

Free UK Mainland delivery via Courier
. On a next day basis, time and stock prevailing.

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