Datacare DS2001F

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External (HxWxD) mm: 420mm x 350 mm x 430mm
Internal (HxWxD) mm: 240mm x 150mm x 195mm
External (HxWxD) inches: 16.5′ x 13.7′ x 16.9′
Internal (HxWxD) inches: 9.4′ x 5.9′ x 7.7′

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The Phoenix Safe Datacare DS2001F is a perfectly sized fire safe for protection of computer back up tapes, digital media and even documents. It comes with a Lifetime ‘After the Fire ‘ replacement warranty. We give FREE UK mainland delivery with this price.


Security Protection:
This Datacare DS2001F, even though its a fire safe, does indeed have a £1500 over night cash rating, or is suitable for up to £15,000 of valuables. Subject to your Insurer confirmation.

The DS2001F comes with an inner and outer steel body that is cavity filled with a fire barrier material. In addition, it also has an additional wood effect interior. 

Fire Protection (Data):
Tested to NT Fire 017
-60 dis: This has a 60 minutes fire protection for computer data, CD’d, DVD’s and Memory sticks.

Water Resistance:
Moreover it comes fitted with twin water resistant seals to give an airtight water resistant inner compartment to protect digital media.

Drop tested:
Also fire and impact tested for resistance to the impact of falling through burning floors of a building.

This Phoenix Safe Datacare DS2001F comes with a high quality electronic touchscreen key pad with clear LED display and fingerprint lock. It, equally, can also be programmed with dual control, hidden code, scramble code option and 128 fingerprints!
If, upon power loss, it retains your programmed information, and the batteries are contained in the keypad.
It is also available in this size with a high security key lock and high security electronic code lock.

This safe comes with one shelf and 4 key hooks on its door. 

Painted in an easy clean white scratch resistant paint.

Given a two year on site guarantee against defect and free replacement ‘after the fire’ warranty.

FREE UK mainland delivery by Courier
on a next day basis, time and stock prevailing.

Like this safe and need more storage? Try the Phoenix Safe Data Care DS2002F.

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