Pulse Evo E Lock

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Pulse Evo

Your new Dudley safe can be fitted with a Pulse Evo electronic code lock which features up to 9 user codes, programmed via a master code. This means that staff can be allocated their own code to open the safe lock, and in the event of leaving your business, you can easily delete their code, without interruption.

In addition, you also have the option at creating a time delay option. For example: You can programme the operation to have a 10-minute timer, so the user inputs their code, and then goes back after 10 minutes to open the lock.

This Pulse Evo gives you more control than the Pulse Basic, and once you get into using multiple users, you will get even wear across all its numbers.

Multiple user requirement?

However, if you need a lock for more than 9 users, we recommend the Pulse Pro electronic code lock, which also has a 59-user memory, with 5500 stored event audit facility to enable traceability, if something has gone missing.

You can add or modify most Dudley Safes that are capable of taking this size of lock.



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