Capsule Deposit c/w 6 capsules

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Capsule Deposit

This Dudley Safes Capsule deposit including 6 capsules can be ordered with your safe to make it into a deposit safe.
It allows the entry of cash or small valuables by means of dropping a filled capsule through the safes top fixed hole, and into the main body of the safe. Any items within the safe cannot then be fished out.

In addition, if your safe is to be made with a rear deposit, you may also require a through the wall deposit shoot. At this point, we need the thickness of the wall and need to know where you need the deposit shoot hole on the safe. (top/side/rear).

In conclusion, you may also wish to add an internal lockable coffer box for all items to be secure within the safe. These can be accessed by key holders. You could, if space allows, have your coffer placed lower in the safe to use as a separate lockable storage box,.





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