Pulse Basic Digital Lock

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Pulse Basic

The Pulse Basic electronic code lock can be added to all key locking Dudley safes, in lieu of its original lock.
It is a lower cost option that features one common user code which can be programmed as often as you or your business requires by the input of a fixed manager code. This lock also features a time delay option.

This Pulse Basic lock houses a 9v battery accessed from the underside of the lock body, which is easily changed, when the power is not strong enough. to operate the locks inner relay. We always advocate when replacing the battery, always use a good quality, branded alkaline. Cheap batteries will not last!!

Multi-user requirement

Should you require a more advanced lock for up to 9 individual codes, there is the Pulse Evo electric lock, or if wanting more users and need an electronic lock with time delay and audit facilities, then the Pulse Pro is the better option.
The Pulse Pro has storage for 59 users and comes with a 5500 stored event log accessed by software using a laptop.



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