4WH Dial lock

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This Dudley Safes 4WH (4 wheel) Mechanical Combination Dial lock, can be added to you chosen Europa Grade 3, 4 or 5 safe and used as the main lock or as a secondary lock to make dual locking or to replace one or both key locks.

The 4WH lock comes from the factory with a standard dial opening code which can then be changed to your own preferred sequence of 4 numbers. E.G. 10/20/30/40. We advise changing this code as often as your internal security allows, E.G. Changes in staff or overuse of the same combination!

Dialling is easy, and based on the 5,4,3,2,1 revolutions principal, where number 1, is the last turn to open the bolt of the lock, which then allows the safe door handle to operate.
The dialling is 5x 1st number to the right, 4 x 2nd number to the left, 3x 3rd number to the right, 2x last number to the left, then turn right, and, if dialled correctly, the lock then opens its bolt and stops turning. (See attached changing instructions)

To lock your 4WH is easy. Simply close the safe door, turn the safe door handle to close its bolts then turn your 4WH counter clockwise to lock it. At this point I would consider turning the dial a few times, to, in effect, clear its combination for the next user to then re-dial.

If you like the idea of a key less, mechanical combination lock, then add one or two 4WH to your order.
Please, indicate on your order if it will be the main lock, or the secondary lock or if ordering any grade 4 or grade 5 safe, both locks.



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