Probe 2 Door Locker – 70/12/12/2 n3

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External (HxWxD) mm: 1780mm x 915 mm x 305mm

Internal (HxWxD) mm: 1778mm x 303mm x 303mm

External (HxWxD) inches: 70.1′ x 36′ x 12′

Internal (HxWxD) inches: 70′ x 11.9′ x 11.9′

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Probe 2 Door Locker – 70/12/12/2 n3

Top quality lockers, made in the UK conforming to BS 4680:1996 ‘Standard Duty’, ISO 9001:2001, environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 and Health & Safety certification OHSAS 18001

Enjoy 40% discount and Free delivery UK mainland

The Probe 2 Door Locker – 70/12/12/2 n3  is a set of lockers for six persons. Its code is the body height, width and depth in inches, plus how many tiers, then how many there are.

This all steel constructed Locker has a welded plinth to each users space to increase structural rigidity. In addition, each individual locker door has a full height strength bar to increase strength & security.
It can also be ordered with an integral sloping top. or Retro fit sloping top. E.G.  Used in Catering establishments, for prevention of storing boxes on the top of the locker.

Supplied as micro sprung Cam lock to each door. For security this lock has 3000 serial combinations. You can also order this with a Type B hasp and staple with thumb turn to accept a 5-7mm padlock, at no extra charge.

Alternative locks can be ordered, such as a type P mechanical combinationType C radial pin lock, or Type L electronic lock . Please add your choice to the basket and modify lock quantities.
We also sell locks separately and welcome your telephone enquiry.

Medical Hygiene:
This Probe 2 Door Locker – 70/12/12/2 n3 is iron phosphate, anti rust treated before painting in an +Active Coat, anti bacterial powder coat finish. This is hard wearing for the most stringent hygienic environment with 99.9% reduction of harmful bacteria.
Any plastic components incorporate a Silver based anti bacterial agent.

Your new Probe 2 Door Locker – 70/12/12/2 n3 can be ordered in the following 3 colour options for the body and 12 different colours for the doors.
On your order, tell us your chosen body and door colours to the note section of the form.
You can mix and match door colours to suit.

Metallic Black (MB) or White (WH) or Silver (Sil)

Black (Bla), White (Wh), Silver (Sil) , Red (R), Yellow (Yel), Green (Gr), Blue (Blu), Orange (Or), Ocean (Oc), Jade (Ja), Lemon (Le) or Lilac (Li)

FREE UK Mainland kerbside delivery. Regardless of quantity 

One year manufacturer warranty against defects arising from manufacture.

Click here to view the deeper body 6 person locker.

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