HS0674 Install gnd

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Professional ground floor deliver & position option


HS0674 Ground floor D&P

If you are unable or unsure of how to do a ground floor deliver and position/install of this HS0674 into your home or business then, for this small cost, its worth letting a professional team of installers do a quick site survey to establish its eventual ground floor location. The team will then physically remove the safe from their delivery vehicle, strip the wrappings off, then, using specific equipment, bring it inside your property.

You must remember that most safes of this insurance grade are heavier than you think and a Courier delivery agent will not do this for you!

Once inside, the team will deliver the safe to its final destination. At this point, if you have purchased a professional base fixing (Any safe under 1000kg has to be base fixed. It is an Insurance requisite!) the team will bring in all the tools needed to complete the task.

Otherwise this is HS0674 Ground floor deliver and position only or upper floor via passenger /goods lift.

Further options:

HS0674 (Key or Electronic lock) Deliver and Position to upper/lower floor via stairs.

HS0670 Series (Key or Electronic lock) Professional base fixing.






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