Protector Domestic DS6540E

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External (HxWxD) mm: 650mm x 400 mm x 350mm
Internal (HxWxD) mm: 647mm x 397mm x 304mm
External (HxWxD) inches: 25.6′ x 15.7′ x 13.8′
Internal (HxWxD) inches: 25.5′ x 15.6′ x 12′


Domestic DS6540E

The Protector Domestic DS6540E is the largest in this range of safes, clearly suitable for storing cash and valuables and perfect as an office safe, or safe for the home.

Protector Domestic Safes

Security Protection:
This Protector Domestic DS6540E has a £2000 overnight cash rating, or, for up to £20,000 valuables. Subject to your Insurers clarification. 

The safe body is 1.5 mm thick steel plate with its door using 4 mm thick plate. The lock throw bolts are 19 mm solid steel.
In addition, this Protector Domestic DS6540E is prepared for floor and rear fixing with bolts supplied for a solid floor and wall.

There are two shelves with this safe.

This safe comes with a high security electronic code lock with key override in case of battery power failure. It features a 2 minute time delay on successive wrong code inputs.

Finished in a black powder coat finish that clearly should make this Domestic DS6540E remain looking decidedly good for many years

De Raat give this Domestic DS6540E a 2 years warranty against defects arising from production, whereas its lock carries a clear 12 month warranty.

To conclude, we give a Free UK mainland delivery by Courier, next day basis, time and stock prevailing. We are asked to, in fact, place our orders before noon, and for this reason, to guarantee a next day service.

If you prefer a smaller safe, try the Domestic DS4040E.

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