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Master lock Vault Enterprise key safe – 5441ENT Bluetooth Key Safe

Master lock Vault Enterprise key safe – 5441ENT Bluetooth Key Safe

£ 159.00 ex VAT£ 190.80 inc VAT

External (HxWxD) mm: 127mm x 83 mm x 59mm

Internal (HxWxD) mm: 0mm x 0mm x 0mm

External (HxWxD) inches: 5′ x 3.3′ x 2.3′

Internal (HxWxD) inches: 0′ x 0′ x 0′

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The 5441ENT Bluetooth Key Safe is a versatile, high quality unit that can be programmed by its owner, anywhere in the world using Bluetooth.

Security Protection:
This 5441ENT key safe is designed to be programmed on or offsite using blue tooth technology via smartphone, with back up access using a 4 digit numerical code on the lock keypad.
It is s
trong and weather resistant for external applications. 

You are able to programme and grant access for single use, multi users or group users, by date and/or specific timed windows time anywhere in the world via the easy to use app. This completely eliminates the need for a physical key to open the unit.
Dependent on your phone, you can use an Android app or Master Lock Vault Enterprises IOS. You can also use a web interface to ‘talk’ to each unit. All you need do is send a code to your chosen user with or without a timed window.
Because the 5441ENT works using Bluetooth technology, there is no need for a Sim card. As soon as you have modified a code or time, the ‘cloud’ has talked to the unit, or multiples of units instantly.
You do not have to be near the unit to modify its code. In addition, you can, if you wish, share access with others to send information.

Its memory of this 5441ENT, due to being a cloud programmed system, is able to be infantecimal in the amount of user codes transmitted.
You are able to issue and revoke access in ‘real time’ to optimise scheduling and to enhance security.
The ENT version has an audit trail of who used it and when.

Easy to monitor access with robust data and audit trail facility.
The lock knows someone has used it, or attempted to use it! E.G out of allotted time window or just tampering with numbers.

Large storage capacity for keys and access cards.

Each key safe houses an easy to change CR123A battery with low battery notification visually.
The unit flashes orange, and, by a reminder on the in app device.
Its easy change battery, should, and often do, last at least 2 years. 

Free UK Mainland next day delivery
. Time and on stock availability.

Additional Bluetooth products include outdoor and indoor padlocks and non ENT key safes.

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