Through the wall Dep Tube

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Through the wall Deposit Tube

The through the wall deposit tube, with deposit hole cover plate, is designed to be fitted through a wall and allows deposit capsules to be dropped into the main body of the safe, without the need to open the safes door.
When you order your chosen Dudley safe with capsule deposit feature, you will need to tell us, where on the safes body you want the capsule deposit to be fitted. EG: Top central, rear of safe or left or right side of the safe body.

In addition, we ask you to confirm the length of tube required on order. EG The tube goes through the wall at a fixed angle, we need to know the wall thickness as a guide.

Fitting the Through the wall deposit tube

When you take delivery of your Chosen Dudley Deposit safe, with capsule drop facility and through the wall deposit tube, we ask you to have your builder on site to create the hole in the wall to accept the through the wall deposit tube. In some cases, the tube may need shortening, so as not to interfere with the deposit capsule entry to the safe. Your builder can shorten this if needs be.

We can then install your safe, including anchoring to a suitable location and testing its operation to your satisfaction.

Self install

We are happy to sell you a Through the wall Deposit tube as a separate product, however, we will need to quote you, in the 1st instance for its onward delivery to a UK mainland address. Once delivery costs are established, we will create and send you an e-mail weblink to purchase.





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