Integral sloping top box

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External (HxWxD) mm: 0mm x 0 mm x 0mm
Internal (HxWxD) mm: 0mm x 0 mm x 0mm

External (HxWxD) inches: 0′ x 0′ x 0′

Internal (HxWxD) inches: 0′ x 0′ x 0′


Integral sloping top box

The Integral sloping top box has to be ordered with your lockers.  It is made as a part of the locker carcass.

Normally, a sloping top box is used where the lockers are installed in closer proximity to where food is being prepared, E.G. Restaurants, Cafe’s, Canteens etc. or, where the requirement is to stop storage boxes being put on top of the lockers, and when, during daily cleaning, the locker tops can be reached easily to wipe down.

Retro fit sloping top box

If you need to modify your existing flat top lockers, we also supply the Retro fit sloping top box. This is an add on to your existing lockers and comes with fixing pads to secure to each locker.


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