Dudley Safes – 10″ Internal Coffer



This Coffer, is quite simply a lockable steel cupboard that is welded or fastened into place to suit you or your business.
It is generally used for the securing of sensitive materials, documents, confiscated goods and so on, and, in addition, can be used,  where you have several users of the safe, and need to lessen internal theft.

You can also use this Coffer in conjunction with  any deposit feature, whereby any items or monies dropped via the choice of a capsule deposit, rotary deposit, letter slot deposit and drawer deposit simply drop into the Coffer, and not the main safe.
For this reason, the items can then be retrieved upon opening by the key holder.

This Coffer is clearly for use with all Dudley safes above size 1 and it comes with a 7 lever lock with 2 keys.

Simply click add it to your basket, when modifying your safe, and indicate on the form whether it is a separate item, or to be used with any of the deposit options.




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