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Free Delivery

Just about all products on this web site have free delivery.

This means that when you order a new safe, set of lockers, key safe or  even letter box for the home, office, school or retail business, it will be delivered  freely to a UK mainland post code by means of a Courier.

Courier delivery, is generally based on a next day basis, stock prevailing, AND, mentioned on this web site on each product. Heavier items, such as Euro Grade safes and fire cabinets, tend to be on a 3-5 day delivery.

Exceptions to the rule

The only exceptions to the rule include, Copy keys, Shelves, locker locks and other internal accessory adds, ordered separately. I.E. after you have  taken delivery of a safe or fire cabinet.

In these instances, we have to charge, whatever it costs for postage or  courier delivery.

Please take note of what the item description states. Either, you need to call us on: 0113  2824577, or, there will be a separate link to apply its cost of delivery. These items do not include free shipping!!

Free Delivery with install

Heavier products are advertised with free delivery and install, generally classed as a suitable ground floor location, with clear access and no stairs. However, a single step with threshold, is included. And in addition, if there is a suitable passenger or goods lift, then, your new safe will be delivered  free of charge.

Free delivery with install and base fixing

Yes, indeed: There are many safes on this web site that do indeed, include delivery, install and base fix!

E.G. ALL Dudley safes include this option. Most Chubbsafes Eurograde  safes and Phoenix safes Grade 4 + safes. Some brands, often operate a special offer upgrade for one penny!!

After all is said and done, you, have the choice to decide also, if you wish to install your own safe. All you need do is call us, tell us what the safe is, and then we can create a new web link to order the safe, with a lower price.

Happy shopping!!

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