Delivery Info

We deliver FREE to UK MAINLAND

We are happy to offer FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION on many of our products listed on the web site!

Unless otherwise stated, all prices displayed on the site include delivery cost to any address which qualifies for the following criteria:

  • Ground Floor Location
  • Easy-Access Doors
  • No steps or upper floor via acceptable goods or passenger lift

If the product you want does not include delivery, or your delivery address does not qualify for free delivery, please feel free to contact us for a delivery quote to your location. Some areas of the UK boundaries may incur additional charges for delivery: eg (Scottish Highlands, Shetland Isles, Cornwall)

All safes itemised as free delivery fall into 2 schedules. Direct delivery: or delivery and install by Direct delivery installation agents.

Direct delivery is usually by 3rd party Courier: Couriers will only deliver to the doorstep or kerbside only. It is not the responsibility of the Courier to install or site position the product. Delivery by Courier is normally done within 2-5 days of your order. Some suppliers offer or include next day delivery, based on the time of day when our order is received. If the goods cannot be delivered we reserve the right to levy a re-delivery charge.

Delivery install or delivery position by Within the box Limited’s suppliers Normally done on the larger & heavier safes above 100kg is quoted as ground floor, easy access (no stairs). We would normally deliver & install to a suitable location at no charge, to include base fixing if stated. If the installation is deemed unsuitable, we will inform you. Any false information given by you may result in additional charges for the installation, or in the worst case, abortion costs.

If your product is to be installed to an upper floor (home or business) we strongly advise you to call us to discuss before ordering. Due to the nature & sometimes serious weights of some modern safes we may need additional manpower. There will be additional costs involved, unless there is an acceptable passenger or goods lift in situ. If an extra charge is required, we will create an additional install web link to add to your purchase.

If in doubt: Contact us.

Important Information

Aborted Delivery

We regret that in the event of an aborted delivery an additional 10% of the purchase price plus return carriage charge will be charged to your account. In this rare event: we may need to create an additional web link to pay this charge before goods are re-sent. At no point will we ask for your card details.

An Aborted Delivery is generally caused by incorrect delivery instructions such as inaccessible doorways and corridors, more steps/stairs than expected or out of service lifts. Providing we have the correct information we should always be able to avoid an aborted delivery.

If you have any concerns regarding delivery of any product on our website please contact us by email or telephone 0113 2824577 so that we can provide the best advice possible and avoid any unnecessary charges.