Euro Grade 7 Safes

Euro Grade 7 Safes

Eurograde 7- £250,000 Insurance Approved Safes

All Security Safes within this section are Eurograde 7 tested & approved. A Eurograde 7 safe offers an overnight cash rating of £250,000 or valuables content of up to £2.5 million subject to your Insurer or underwriters decision.

Eurograde 7 safes are supplied with dual locking, whether it is 2x key locks, key and mechanical combination locks, key and electronic code locks, twin electronic locks. This is par for the course on this Insurance band.

However, we are happy to modify any safe with a choice of locks to suit you or your business, perhaps you have several users of the safe and want to have a lock with an Audit trail, or you may want a Fingerscan lock if you prefer enhanced security.

Questions and Advice

If you need advice on any Eurograde 7 high security safe then please call us to discuss in complete confidence.

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